100% Hand Crafted
Custom Cartoodles  

Custom cartoodles make great gifts for birthdays weddings graduations, anniversaries and presidential inaugurations. They also look great hanging in living rooms bedrooms corporate offices and secret lairs. You can view some samples below.

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Custom cartoodles cost $200 up front plus a tip once completed and can take up to two or three weeks to finish.
1. Pay $200 and record your transaction code.
You will be directed to a secure website where you can pay. Once you pay, you will be emailed a receipt which contains your transaction id. You will need to include this number in your order as proof of payment.

2. Fill out the order form below.
Fill out the following order form with your transaction id and order details. You can attach an image (front-on) of the person you want cartoodled by hitting the "Browse..." button and finding the image on your computer. Once you've filled out the form, hit the "Place order!" button.
Transaction ID
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Image you want cartoodled
Cartoodle size (eg. 11X17 inches)
Comments or requests

Below are some sample cartoodles, both uncolored and colored, which were drawn based on the corresponding photos. You can click on each cartoodle to view a larger version (this will open a new window).

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